Our story

30% of the EU’s population live in rural areas, but rural areas account for 83% of the total EU area. In the long-term, one of the flagship initiatives is related to rural mobility and to overcoming the challenge of sustainable multimodal mobility.

Electric mobility has seen an important uptake in urban areas. However, the lack of EVs charging infrastructure in rural areas can produce a level of “range anxiety”.

In general, Local/Regional Authoririties are facing significant challenges related to three key areas: funding, technical expertise and coordination
with network companies, part of which could be alleviated by improving the awareness, capacities and policy framework.

aims to

– Reduce the impact of transport in rural areas, allowing the involved municipalities to reduce their CO2 emissions.

– Support the integrated planning and financing of EV charging infrastructure and public shared EV rental scheme.

– Support and promote low carbon mobility, meeting energy goals and carbon neutrality.

– Improve the connection of urban and remote rural areas